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Known models are comparison and deal webpages, voucher publishers, e-mail affiliates or loyalty portals (bonus or cashback systems). Furthermore, content.
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Affiliate marketing campaigns are especially suitable for sales driven campaigns where the complete customer journey from the first contact to the sales contract and ideally to the re-business can be completely digitally mapped. Affiliate marketing is completely unsuitable for brand building and brand awareness campaigns, as publishers relevant to the merchants normally reject campaigns without the chance for revenues.

Affiliate Marketing Glossary

The affiliate network encompasses the respective distribution partners, i. Moreover, the respective users, clients, interested persons etc. Partner programs can be designed in various manners. The kind and attractiveness of a product or service, the amount of market competition, the margins a merchant can generate with his product etc.

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Affiliate programs include moreover, the billing systems, their administration as well as other kinds of management. They can lead from a first contact to a purchase. They can also include the commissioning of a later up- and cross-selling of service and maintenance partnerships. These links respectively the advertising means are targeted and placed on the website of the affiliate partner.

In general, affiliate partners are members of an affiliate network. The advertiser is originator of the affiliate marketing programme and assumes responsibility for the campaign content, the kind of advertising means and the commissioning of the affiliates. The amount of revenue depends on the respective advertiser and the related affiliate programme.

Affiliate partners are also called distribution partners, who — with regard to conventional distribution systems — show similarities to commercial agents or brokers. Additionally there is a multitude of smaller networks, which partly have specialized on industries, business sectors or target groups.

Publisher networks therefore constitute market places where supply and demand of merchants and programme providers meet. Accordingly, the core task of a publisher network consists in maintaining a high level of supply of attractive partner programmes on one side, and on the other the same level of publishers offering interesting and high quality topics and such reaching the target.

Conversion tracking also includes the referral tracking and the tracking of the advertising means. Referral tracking analyses through which platform the user is forwarded.


The evaluation to which amount an advertising means contributed to the generated revenue is an example for the tracking of the advertising means. The possibilities of conversion tracking — and in this context the collection of KPI key performance indicators — are almost unlimited. In the field of affiliate marketing, monitoring can be shaped in various ways and is often also called screening. Similar to the conversion tracking — in the end monitoring is all about recording, observing and analysing processes.

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As a result the scope of the monitoring can vary. A KPI is a business key figure, used to measure critical performance factors of various kinds.

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With KPI you can also analyse the degree of fulfilment of a specific goal, or the progress made towards it. Typical KPI in affiliate marketing are the lead ratio, the closure or sales rate, the share in turnover of a specific product, the level of goal achievement of the revenue made and many more. The various kinds of leads range from a simple registration for a service or a newsletter to a very specific lead for example in the form of request for a product presentation or a test drive. The merchant remunerates the publisher with a so-called lead fee, depending on how extensive, valid and complete the data record of the generated lead is.

In general a request for a test drive for example will result in a higher fee than the registration for a newsletter.

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